Thursday, January 10, 2008

Solidarity TWLF Demands UC Berkeley 1969


"The Third World Liberation Front demands the following:

1. That funds be allocated for the implementations of the Third World College

a. Department of Asian Studies—that positions and staff be set up to develop the Asian Studies Department controlled by Asian people.

b. Department of Black Studies as proposed by the AASU.

c. Department of Chicano Studies

d. Any other ethnic studies programs as they are developed and presented.

2. Third World People in Positions and Power

Recruitment of more Third World faculty in every department and discipline and proportionate employment of Third World people at all levels from Regents,

Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, faculty, administrative personnel, clerical, custodial,

Security, service personnel, and all other auxiliary positions and contractual vending services throughout the University system.

Specific demands for immediate implementation;

a. hiring of Third World Financial Counselors (Special Service

b. Third World Chancellors in the University System

c. Third World people put in the Placement Career as Counselors

d. Third World Deans in the L and S Department

e. Third World people in the Admissions Office

3. Specific demands for immediate implementation:

a. Admission, financial aid, and academic assistance to any Third World student

with potential to learn and contribute as assessed by Third World people.

b. 30 Work study positions for the Chinatown and Manilatown projects, and 10

EOP counselors, including full-time Asian Coordinator.

c. Expansion of Work study program Jobs to the AASU East campus

High School Project, to include at least 30 positions.

d. That the Center for Chicano Studies be given permanent status with funds to

implement its programs.

4. Third World Control over Third World Programs

That every University program financed federally or otherwise that involves the Third World communities(Chicano, Black, Asian) must have Third World people in control at the decision making level from funding to program implementation.

5. That no disciplinary action will be administered in any way to any student, workers, teachers, or administrators during and after the strike as a consequence of their participation in the strike.

6. These demands supercede any previous demands heretofore put forth by members of the Third World Liberation Front."

Third World Liberation Front

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