Monday, December 17, 2007

ACC Family Newsletter: Women's Thoughts


“In the last issue of the Family Newsletter, we started a new section on women. We hope this section will be an open and lively forum for women from various sectors of the community to air their feelings and opinions on different issues. The plan is to have two regular columns in the women section: WOMEN'S THOUGHTS" and "FAMILY LIFE". However, we will only start with "WOMEN' S THOUGHTS" since we need time to build up contacts with different women who are willing to write and contribute to the women's section. We welcome your participation, suggestions, and criticism. In this issue we are printing an article written by a mother from the Chinese community on her thoughts after attending her first International Women's Day celebration. In the women section we will try to closely translate all writings of women into simple English so that the writings can also be used as material for learning English.”


“Last Sunday (March 3rd), at the request of my son , I went to Chinatown' s commodore Stockton Elementary School to celebrate International Women' s Day . This was the first time in my life to participate in a Women's Day celebration. At that time, I had some doubts in my mind. How come my son was so interested in a Women’s Day celebration? He even worked several weeks in preparation for this program. That day, I discovered the great spirit of the volunteer workers who cared for and helped each other.

“ As I stepped into the school gymnasium, I saw my son Wilson. He immediately brought me to sit down in the auditorium. By that time, it was already full, and there were many people standing at the back of the auditorium. Suddenly a woman’s voice announced, “The little ones, please come and sit on the floor near the stage and give your seats to the older people". The children were very cooperative. They immediately left their chairs and sat on the floor next to the stage. There were still not enough chairs, but people brought in more chairs and put them along the aisle so that the guests could sit comfortably. Around three o 'clock, the program started. The first performance was a group of young men and women singing - "A Tribute to International Women's Day." They sang very well. Not only was the melody entertaining, the words to the song were also very meaningful. I have copied them so that everyone can have the opportunity to admire the song:

“The sun is shining from high above,

bringing us warmth and hope,

the sisters are full of the morning,

…full of strength,

giving out light and heat,

like the bright red sun .


Women, never fall behind,

dare to challenge, dare to struggle,

lifting heavy burdens,

the men, strong with high ambitions,

the women can hold up half the sky .

uniting together in one spirit,

a bright future is before us.”

“There was also a short play called "The Modern Women" performed by three young women. Their acting skills were as good as those of movie actresses . They fully and spiritedly played out their parts. This short satirical play made fun of the backward women who wanted to enter the "Miss Chinatown Pageant" for glory and fame. They allowed themselves to be used meaninglessly and be displayed as flower vases. Although this type of action is only that of individuals, it is enough to lower the reputation of all women. I remember not long ago, there was a high school student in a beauty contest who publicly denounced the officials of the beauty contest. This kind of action was a little too much. But still she had recognized beauty contests were insulting to womanhood. Her anger must have been burning within her to a point where she could not hold it back. Besides, young people are usually too emotional and excitable. If she was Chinese, she probably would not have had the nerve to speak out at those wrong- doers and thus voice the anger of all women. Luckily, she was a new American woman. No matter what her action was, she had shed away the shame of us women and had awakened the sisters of the world to run toward the healthy, bright, and revolutionary path of new women.

“The program was rich in variety. Besides Chinese music, singing, and short plays, there was also a martial arts demonstration . Two young women (one Chinese, one Caucasian) were very talented in martial arts. They can be called "heroines among women.”

“The entire program has only my praises and no criticisms. Even the little performers in the "Little Doctor" skit were very good. It was difficult to believe that this group of little angels could speak such perfect Cantonese. This made people very happy. I hope they can retain their bi-lingual abilities forever. Then we will never have to worry about our successors in the next generation.”

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