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UCB Chinese Student Club Newsletter July 1968


Chinese Students’ Club
510 Eshleman Hall

University of California
, Berkeley

July, 1968 Volume 2 Issue

(Printed next to the CSC SCHEDULE OF EVENTS announcing plans for a Beach Party at Folsom Lake)


Rally Postponed

"The AAPA Rally, scheduled for Sunday, June 30, in 155 Dwinelle Hall was can­celled due to the Campus and City cur­fews enacted in reaction to the demon­strations and violence of Friday and Saturday. The Dean’s office has told us that they would do all they could to re—schedule the event. All the speakers were notified in advance, and to those who came and were “repelled”, the AAPA offers its apologies and thanks, and asks those people to continue following or joining the Alliance. The next activities are protesting at the Berkeley City Council against the police actions on Friday, June 28, and rallying support for the political prisoner, Huey Newton, on July 8.

The Alliance is now selling “Yellow Peril” buttons to all, and “AAPA” buttons (with the Oriental character mean­ing ‘East’) to sympathizers and members. The AAPA plans to set up a table at noon in Sproul Hall Plaza. For more infor­mation, call... 510 Eshleman, the CSC office, has more information on the Alliance. All those interested in fighting racism, “re-asserting their race”, and working for self-identity, are encouraged to join the Alliance."

--Floyd Huen

BLOG NOTE: On June 30, 1968: Berkeley mayor Wallace Johnson declares a state of emergency and a three day curfew in the city in response to violence in the wake of student demonstrations in support of French student and worker uprisings in France the previous month.

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