Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SFSU TWLF Strike Injuries from Police Brutality

Strike at frisco state! Pamphlet by Research Organizing Cooperative of San Francisco

Statistics gathered by doctors on injuries to arrested San Francisco State strikers (and innocent bystanders) inflicted by police, between December 2, 1968 and January 30, 1969. pg.31


1 Ruptured spleen (removed)

2 Fractured skull

2 Concussion

15 Forehead, skull lacerations

3 Nose broken, bloodied

1 Fractured eye orbit

7 Eyes maced

2 Other eye damage (e. g., black)

6 Facial lacerations, swelling

18 Other head damage (bump, swelling, contusion)

8 Stomach badly clubbed, scratched or kicked

2 Broken, contused, fractured ribs

3 Broken fingers, thumb

1 Broken, fractured leg

1 Arm broken, fractured from surgery

1 Arm infected from surgery

1 Kidney infection

4 Other groin area damaged

2 Respiratory Infection

1 Contused lung

7 Other rib area damage (soreness)

12 Back, neck (clubbing, choking, welts, burns)

4 Blood vessel damage. mass1ve bruises only)

15 Hand, arm, foot, leg laceration, swelling, lumps

5 Limb, finger, toe sprain, wrenched, contused

13 General bumps, bruises, soreness only

1 Nausea

80 Total number injured arrestees (many had more than one injury)

These do not include: (1) injuries sustained between November 6 and December 1; (2) injuries not reported; and (3) injuries to people who were not arrested. There might well be more of the latter than there were injured arrestees; it is impossible to tell how many.

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