Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Japantown: RODAN Newspaper August 1970

“RODAN is not a name, it’s a feeling and it’s real. It’s alive because it’s a feeling and it’s real. Dig it. RODAN, much like Godzilla and Mothra in the cellophane world of movies, was placed in Asia and was a result of a nuclear explosion. Never will the American moviemakers ever relate the nuclear explosions as those of Hiroshima or Nagasaki but that can be an assumed fact. An American-Bomb ( A-Bomb ) created a monster which withstood all mankind’s technology, and such is the concept of RODAN.

RODAN is an expression in the feeling of unity amongst the Asian-American people—an attenpt to offset a technology which is insensitive to humanity. The much used myth of ‘Yellow Peril' can be considered real, as RODAN soars over America.”

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