Monday, December 17, 2007

Asian Community Center Food Program

WeiMin Newspaper Vol.1No.1


"America is.a very wealthy country. But here in our community, there are hundreds of families that do not get enough food. To take some of the pressures off, the government re­leases some of its surplus food stocks and makes it available to or­ganizations who are willing to distribute it to the people. Because food is a basic need, Wei Min She has distributed the food since the pro­gram began 18 months ago. The program releases surplus food (food bought by the government to keep the farm prices high) to parents of children under the age of six and to pregnant or new mothers who qualify under the poverty guidelines set up by the government. For the past three months, bureaucratic red tape and inefficiency on the part of the high-up administrators had tied up the food program. Many of the people on the program need the food desper­ately. Wei Min She intends to put pressure on those responsible for the foul-ups and make the food sur­plus available again as soon as pos­sible to the people on the program."

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