Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Al Robles Ode to Bill Sorro

By Al Robles

Reprinted with permission of the poet

Ode to Bill Sorro

bill sorro

cried today

he cried

for his countryman

for a manong

from the philippines

who died

on his lap

in the children’s playground

at portsmouth square

bill sorro

cried today

in his small room

at the international hotel


manong santos died

and jullana sat there


to a voice

cut sharp

like a bolo

when he read his poem

to santos

who never had

a chance

to see his country again

bill sorro

cried for santos of the international hotel

santos of the st. paul hotel

santos of kearny street

santos of manilatown

santos his kababayan

santos of his brown hands

digging for his roots.