Sunday, December 16, 2007

ACC Summer Youth Program

WeiMin vol.1no1 pg.11 Oct. 1971

Children’s Program

“This summer, Wei Mm She sponsored a Summer Youth Program held at the Asian Commuity Center. Much was learned from this program and it will help us in our future programs for youth, which is ages 6-12 years old.

The youth program was divided into weekly topics. Things taught were: a balanced diet, plants, animals, and history about our forefathers in America. Every week there were two outings, centered around that week’s topic.

Exercises, chinese folk dancing, fishing, and other educational games were very popular with the children. The general rule was that for the outings, there was one adult for e­very six children. We must admit that the grown-ups had just as .much fun as the children in those acti­vities.

Surveys are now being passed out to the parents in order to know bet­ter what they want and feel is needed for their children. In the meantime, a children’s film program is planned for the weekends. This is to begin in October.

News about it will be listed at the Asian Community Center bulletin board or in the newspapers.”